We aim to start a movement to convert more shoppers into conscious buyers


Each step is captured, recorded and displayed so that you can visualize product manufacturing and be a
witness to this beautiful journey

CREDIBLE® IS ABOUT responsibilty

We are creating and training a generation of responsible world citizens

ABout credible®

CREDIBLE® is for the conscious and responsible shopper.

We are the technology that connects you to authentic products and brands. With CREDIBLE® you can choose a green way of life with sustainable clothing and participate in giving back to the hidden eco-system of farmers and workers behind the product.

With our unique CREDIBLE® QR code on the apparel, you can track its entire journey back to its source. CREDIBLE® allows you to see the face of the farmer and the hands of the weaver that lovingly made your garment. Each brand has a story to tell, very unique and moving. CREDIBLE® makes you a part of the story.

We are launching exclusively with sustainable
brands near you. Let us add meaning to your shopping experience!


We believe product traceability and trust have gaps in today's retail ecosystem.
The world is rapidly pushing brands to make sustainability and social responsibility a part of their business.
Consumers want to know details about the type of material, the people responsible for making the clothes,
their working conditions and whether they are being paid fairly.

CREDIBLE® closes that gap.

CREDIBLE® empowers you to buy sustainable fashion with confidence.
CREDIBLE® is designed to address the problem of authenticity of a product,
by tracking and tracing the journey of the product, from the farm to the retail store and into your hands.

CREDIBLE ® is the trust you've been looking for.


that summer dress

Sarah’s eye catches a pretty summer dress with an organic cotton tag on a CREDIBLE® rack. She notices the CREDIBLE® QR code.

credible® story

She takes out her phone and scans the CREDIBLE® QR code attached to the garment.

credible® qr

Up pops the authentic seal along with the story of that summer dress, along the men and the machines behind it.

the purpose

Sarah can choose and contribute directly to the farmer daily life. Suddenly, the summer dress has more meaning to it.

our brand ethos


We help deepen trust between Brands and Shoppers by fostering authenticity and transparency


A spotlight on each step of how the product was put together and curated into a loving garment


We help you make responsible and sustainable choices daily


We as a brand, enable you to give back to the ecosystem


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We are a group of enthusiastic serial entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley. We have deep expertise in traceability and authentication using blockchain in various industries.

CREDIBLE® is powered by Infinichains, a San Francisco based technology startup.


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